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31 Jul 2022 05:37
SBRWWC Board meeting Minutes 7/28/2022 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe meeting was called to order at 4 PM. The following Board members & Advisors were present: Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer; Dennis Briels, Secretary, & Charlie Anderson, Monitor Co-ordinator. Advisors: Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, Ron Gustafson, Scott Saxon, Tom Marshall and Ed Valdez present. Ron Hilbert & John Gordon were absent.

The following Agenda items were discussed:

Russ Hardy gave the Financial update: Cash-on-hand is $11,849.00 after having paid our biggest bill for insurance of $1,156.00. The Budget performance shows that we are $5,400 over our income expectations. We are $3,500 over on our expenses. Therefore, we are $1,900 better than we thought. For the remaining part of the year we expect to do another $5,000 income. Most of that is from the Art Walk and Christmas sales commissions. We also expect about another $2,000 in expenses. If these expectations are met, we should have an additional $3,000 Cash-on-hand. However, (as we will mention later) some of the desired items we have listed on our ‘Christmas Wish List’ may be moved up on the time line.

Ed Cheszek & Russ Hardy completed the initial internal cross check of our books just prior to the meeting. Everything appears to be in order.

The HOA Budget request for the driveway modification to the rear loading door was submitted to the Finance Committee by Mark Prose. He answered the questions they had raised. (The Finance Committee is a board of SBR residents, like us, who are tasked with reviewing the various club requests before submittal to the HOA & Robson). Their main question had been that we hadn’t submitted quotes for the job. The answer being that that was up to the HOA & not within our scope of responsibility.

The Lapidary Security Camera (which piggy-backs on our monitor) will be installed soon. This will provide them monitoring of their display window & supplementing our Security System. They have already paid for their portion. Ed Harris, Ed Valdez & Mark Prose will co-ordinate the installation.

Monitor/Trainer status: Charlie Anderson advised that Bruce Haney & Jim Mulhall have completed Monitor training. Jim has already Monitored once. There is another person interested in becoming a Monitor - Elaine Anderson who comes to us from a North Carolina wood shop that has 1000 members.

Monitor Perks: As an ACTIVE Monitor, one of the perks is that the shop provides ONE of the drawers beneath the assembly tables. There are 36 large drawers available. It has come to our attention that some of the drawers are currently occupied by someone that hasn’t Monitored for a long time. That being the case, we do not have any drawers for the new Monitors. Other drawers have a few of the Jigs & Clamps that will be moved to the cabinets opening a few. However, we must set down some guidelines/qualifications for those drawers occupied by inactive Monitors. It was decided to include the Trainers within the 'Monitor' cluster. These qualifications will be determined and announced shortly.

Monitor medical limitations: There has been a request that specific woods NOT be worked while this Monitor is Monitoring in the Shop. We tried to look at all options, but determined that the Shop cannot (realistically) make allowances for each members particular allergies. If we were to do so, it would limit access to the Shop for far too many other members.

Training: Ron Gustafson was out of town for a couple of training sessions and Ed Cheszek covered for him. Two new members were trained. They intend to become full members when they return after August first when the rate decreases to $50.

Shop Orientation Training scheduling: After 2-3 weeks of having no new Trainees, we decided that instead of scheduling classes for a specific day & time - and then no-one shows up, we will ask the Trainers to schedule people at a time that is more convenient for all parties involved. Scott Saxon & Ron Gustafson will contact interested members to determine when & how these Orientation classes will be timed. Perhaps a notice could be placed above the Shop calendar with contact information on the Trainers.

1.) Nomination process for the 2023 Board will begin. Scott Saxon (Chairman), Tom Marshall & Ed Valdez will begin the search for prospective members that may be interested in filling potential vacancies on the Board. Term limits exist at six years total, but in two year increments.

2.) New Bosch electric hand planer was displayed. Specific training on this piece of equipment will be conducted for all Monitors as time permits. Until we are convinced that members are familiar with using it, the unit will be on a ‘check-out’ system much like some other equipment. Its storage placement has yet to be determined.

3.). New Retractable extension cords. We decided to replace the current cords and buy three new units at a cost of about $120 each. They will be rated at 15 amps (but 12 gauge wire) with cords approximately 40 feet long. These units we would rather have sooner than later therefore moved up in priority.

4.) Repair damaged cabinet locks & latches. Discussion led us to the decision to attempt to adjust/modify latches at a cost not to exceed $50.

5.) Under table clamp racks: Given the extremely limited wall space, the racks were installed to take advantage of a void. However, functionality for some members is awkward and the placement questionable. The discussion led to reassembling the other rack, but because of (again) limited space, it was decided to modify the screw clamp rack instead to improve access to the seating area.
This will be done ASAP.

6.) Lathe triangle arrangement & shrapnel curtains: We are going to move the lathe triangle 180 degrees. IF that proves to be satisfactory to the lathe users, we will then order the curtains at a cost of about $600. This improvement too is moved up in priority.

7.) Website, email, events: Ed Valdez raised the idea that we look into acquiring a new Calendar program/website. Russ had proposed the idea over a year ago, but the Board was not interested at that time. Ed Valdez, Tom Marshall & Scott Saxon will begin the search for a system that will meet our requirements.