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05 Oct 2022 11:49
SBRWWC General membership meeting 9/29/2022 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherGENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING - Called to order at 5 PM

Additional items: Boards Members & Advisors were introduced to the new members. The new people that are not ‘Officially’ Members yet, must pay the current $50 partial fee for the rest of this year in order to qualify for the $75 RENEWAL rate for 2023. Otherwise, it is $100 as a new member in 2023...

There was a VERY GOOD turn out (27) for this meeting. We are grateful to have so many Members involved in the development of the SBRWWC.

Shop safety & security. Mark Prose discussed personnel & equipment safety. The SawStop table saws DO NOT like metal, wet wood or FINGERS. Should you allow ANY of these to touch the blade while it is in motion, the mechanism INSTANTLY SIEZES the blade. Dennis Briels noted that after telling EVERY Member multiple times over the years in EVERY class - he did it himself about two weeks ago. He went t sweep away a piece of scrap from the blade and it had not completely stopped. It broke the skin, but didn’t even draw blood. It cost him ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to replace the mechanism. So - MAKE SURE that the blade is completely stopped. It takes about 10 seconds…

When using the planer, your piece should not be less than one foot in length. Even then, have a longer thin block of wood to assist pushing it through if necessary. The same holds true for the Drum sander.

Shop security: With respect to security, due to a recent attempt to break into the Display Window, the Club and HOA have installed additional security cameras.

There is a difference between the Shop Orientation Class & the Machine Orientation class. Machine Orientation is so that you can demonstrate that you can safely make a small project using 8 power tools and and therefore have complete access to the Shop. Sop Orientation is voluntary extra training that shows you where many things are and very basic equipment usage.

Scott Saxon will introduce Equipment Orientation classes directed to more detailed training on the function & maintenance of specific tools. The Club intends to offer several more Equipment Orientation classes in the future so that Members can be more confident in the use of specific equipment.

Also, the Club intends to offer more classes in Box making, the proper use of sandpaper & sanding equipment, epoxy, cutting boards, bird houses, scroll saw, & joinery. Should there be anything else that Members would like to learn, bring it to any Board member & we will explore the options. We try to do the training either in the evening, or on a day when the shop is closed. We will also try to come up with a ‘Calendar of events’ indicating scheduled classes, etc.

Several members expressed sincere gratitude for the fact that our more experienced members will gladly stop what they are doing to answer questions &/or assist you in moving your project along.

Shop Etiquette: Dennis Briels discussed the issue of ‘Your Mother doesn’t live here!’ OR cleaning up after yourself and not leaving a mess for the next member. This includes (but not limited to) vacuuming up when your use a saw/planer/sander, cleaning the glue off clamps AND opening them all the way before putting them away & rinsing out your glue rags & not just tossing them in the rinse bucket for someone else to rinse & hang. PLEASE - just think about leaving all the equipment you use clean so that the next member doesn’t have to do it for you. One more thing: You are generating dust on any of the equipment. Some of that dust ends up on the floor and can make it very slippery. Be thoughtful. Thanks, Dennis

The Drawing for $25 Gift cards for Woodworkers Source was held. The four winners were: Charlie Anderson, Doug Redfield, David Gonzales & Bob Lewis. Don’t forget the Woodworkers Source also give us (as members of the Rosewood Club) a 25% discount on most wood.

Finally, it is with great sadness that we have accepted the early resignation of the Club’s Secretary: Dennis Briels