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05 Oct 2022 11:50
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe meeting was called to order at 4 PM. The following Board members & Advisors were present: Mark Prose, President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer; Dennis Briels, Secretary, & Charlie Anderson, Monitor Co-ordinator. Advisors: Dan Carter, John Gordon, Ed Valdez, & Scott Saxon were present. Board member and Vice President Jeff Hansen was absent. Advisors: Ed Cheszek, Tom Marshall, Ron Gustafson, Ron Hilbert & were absent.

The following Agenda items were discussed:

Russ Hardy gave the Financial update: Cash-on-hand is $10,487.00. Checking: $6,485, & Savings:$4,002. We are expecting to pull in another $1,600 in income this year (most of which will come from the 10% commissions during the Art Walk, Christmas window purchases & Machine Orientations). We are expecting to spend another $2,100 for purchases we have been putting off, or replacement of machine parts, etc. Still, given that, we still projecting that we will maintain the $2,000 in the checking & put another $4,000 into our savings account. This should be at about $8,000 total in the savings/reserve account. We are trying to ‘build up’ the reserve with the expectation that we will need new/upgraded equipment in the future.

The first draft of the Profit & Loss Budget Overview (January thru December 2023) projects that will will receive about $16,500 in income, compared to $19,000 in income this year. We are trying to be a little conservative, in that some of the income this year was from a couple of 'one time’ shop projects. Russ projects the expenses for 2023 will be about $12,400. This leaves us with about $4,000 surplus for the year.

A big difference this coming year is that we are expecting a $900 reduction in Membership Renewals - BECAUSE we have voted to reduce EARLY Membership Renewals from the $80 this year to $75 for 2023. EARLY Renewals means: Payment PRIOR to 4 PM on 12/31/2022. Checks submitted at any time before that WILL NOT be deposited until after January 1st for accounting reasons. Should Members not renew until January, the renewal rate will be $100.

The largest single change in the Budget for 2023 is going to be for Equipment Enhancement. Russ projects that we will spend $4,500 in this category this year and only $1,700 in 2023. The limiting factor is that we are out of floor space and electrical capacity.

General & Misc. Budget items funding will be increased to allow for new blades for the planer should we need them.

Previously, we have discussed our 2023 Budget request to replace the current concrete path to the back overhead door with a vehicle driveway, so that us old guys wouldn’t have to haul our larger projects through the front door. That request has been submitted by the SBR Finance Committee to the HOA and we MAY find out by the end of November.

Monitor update by Charlie Anderson: Recently, Charlie asked the leas-active monitors to sign up for more sessions for the remainder of the year and in the future. How can we encourage monitors to sign up for the minimum 12 sessions per year? Guidelines for meeting the minimum may be presented in the next Board meeting.

Training update from Ron Gustafson: (Presented by Prose) There have been 43 mew members that have signed up this year bring the total membership to 127. Seven new members have been trained since the last meeting. An additional three more members are signed up for the October training class. With 9 current Trainers the shop is prepared for other sessions as well. Our hope is that even more Members will commit to more specific individual equipment training to add to their knowledge beyond the basic Machine Orientation class.

Nominations for the Members of the SBWWC BOARD are now open for 2023 positions. Scott Saxon has found a few members that have expressed an interest in taking on this obligation during the next term. Details will be announced when available.

Art Walk: October 22 & 23 from 11 AM TO 4 PM. The shop will be closed for workmen only for member artist sales. The Board voted to have the Shop cover the Art Walk ‘artist group charge’ pf $60. A watch bill will be developed to ensure enough coverage to support the sales activity over these two days.Separately, the Board decided not to have a table in the proposed HOA artist event in the Ballroom.

The new lathe reconfiguration seems to be working well. The curtain has certainly helped contain the ‘shrapnel’.

The stuffed Membership binder hasn’t worked well. Most of the Membership information within the binder is (more easily) obtainable on the computer. Name tags for each Member are kept up to date & therefore, current Members should wear their name tag at all times when in the shop.

Charlie Anderson asked about identifying the ’specialty’ of each Advisory Member so that others would know what they do. Further discussion will continue next month.(After the meeting, Scott Saxon provided a short summary of the Advisory positions, as follows:

Maintenance Coordinator: Dan Carter
Equipment Operator’s Course: Ron Gustafson
Training Coordinator: Ed Cheszek
Computer/website/database managers: Ed Valdez & Tom Marshall
Shop manager/supply coordinator: John Gordon
CNC Machine Coordinators: Tom Marshall & John Gordon
Lathe Coordinator: Scott Saxon

Drill batteries have been replaced. The original set lasted about four years.

The meeting ended at 5 PM.