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18 Nov 2022 09:30
Board Meeting Minutes for November 10, 2022 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe SBRWWC board of directors met on November 10, 2022. Board members Mark Prose, President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer; Jeff Hansen, Vice President and Charlie Anderson, Monitor Coordinator were present. Advisors to the board Dan Carter, Maintenance Coordinator; Ed Cheszek, Events Coordinator; Ron Gustafson, Training Coordinator; John Gordon, Shop Manager; and Scott Saxon, Lathe Coordinator were present. Advisors Tom Marshall, CNC Coordinator and Ed Valdez, IT Coordinator were absent. Newly selected board members Dave Stark and Mike Stroben were present and Neal Drell was absent. The meeting was called to order at 4pm and the following matters were discussed:

Treasurer Russ Hardy updated everyone on the club's finances. The club's current bank balance was $12,033 including the reserve account. Our year-to-date income was $20,509 and we spent $13,593. We will have additional expenses before the end of the year. The club's participation in SBR's recent Art Walk event was discussed. The club earned $1,082 in commissions from member sales during the event, meaning members sold just under $11,000 in hand-crafted items. The board discussed improving marketing and increasing display space in the shop for future sale events.

Monitor Coordinator Charlie Anderson trained three new monitors in the last month: Bob Lewis, John Kane and John Oszust. A number of monitors have failed to monitor the required 12 times this year. All monitors are encouraged to meet that goal so the shop can remain open on our scheduled days. We currently remain open because a few monitors work far more than one shift a month.

Training Coordinator Ron Gustafson and his team trained ten new members this month with six more signed up for December. Ron advised he is leaving our community and this will be his last meeting. Everyone should thank Ron for his contribution to our shop. Ron was involved in the establishment of the shop and was instrumental in creating the new member training program. Ed Cheszek volunteered to take over the training coordinator position.

Newly selected board members for 2023 are Dave Stark, Mike Stroben and Neal Drell. They will begin attending board meetings now and will be presented for election at the November 30, 2022 general membership meeting and take their positions in January 2023.

The general membership meeting for the SBRWWC will be held at 5:30 pm on November 30, 2022 in the La Hacienda clubhouse. All members are encouraged to attend. This meeting will include a membership wide vote on new board members and proposed changes to the by-laws for the shop. Proxy voting instructions for the by-laws will be provided if members cannot attend the meeting.

A proposed change to the new member's application was discussed. An updated application will be in the folder for monitors to hand out. The major change discussed was an additional paragraph reminding every new member of our 10% commission rule on the sale of items made in the shop. It was decided the application was not the best way to inform members of the rule so it will be posted in another manner. As a reminder, any member who sells any item made in whole or in part in the shop or that used shop tools or supplies is expected to provide 10% of the sale price of the item to the shop. This money is used to maintain equipment and purchase supplies above and beyond the personal hobby use of the shop. This year through the hard work and talents of many shop members the club has received commissions totaling $2,310.

Lathe Coordinator Scott Saxon updated the board on the last lathe meeting that discussed the use of carbide tools. The lathe group will meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 4 pm in the shop to present topics of interest to all lathe users. Lathe users are reminded to contact John Gordon to arrange a sharpening class so every user can sharpen the high speed steel tools they use. Please do not use the shop's high speed steel tools unless you know how to properly sharpen them and do not leave a dull, dirty tool for the next user. John Gordon will tailor each sharpening class to the type of tools you use.

Many new classes are planned and some have already been advertised on Groupworks. The classes are offered to current members and each member must sign up for the class through Groupworks. No paper signup sheets will be available in the shop for any classes. Groupworks tracks all signups and creates wait lists so our instructors can plan additional classes. All members are encouraged to suggest classes to any board member. Planned classes are basic box making, end grain cutting boards, scroll saw use, sanding techniques and use of shop sanding equipment, basic joinery, and CNC machine operation.

A short discussion was also held on the installation of a French cleat storage system for the shop. Scott Saxon was authorized by the board to use some scrap shop plywood to plan and install a small system on available wall space so the concept can be evaluated for expansion.

The board is reviewing the current by-laws and operating procedures and updated versions will be available soon. By-law changes require a 2/3 vote of the club's membership and the operating procedures only require board approval for changes. The changes to the operating procedures will include defined roles for all advisors and board members.