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11 Dec 2022 13:34
SBRWWC Member Meeting Minutes for November 30, 2022 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherVoting Members: Mark Prose, President ( X ); Jeff Hansen, Vice President ( X); Russ Hardy, Treasurer (X ); Charlie Anderson, Monitor Coordinator (X )

Advisory Members: Dan Carter, Maintenance Coordinator ( X ); Ed Cheszek, Events Coordinator (X); John Gordon, Shop Manager ( X ); Tom Marshall , CNC Coordinator ( X ); Scott Saxon, Lathe Coordinator ( X); Ed Valdez, IT Coordinator (A ) Ron Gustafson, Training Coordinator (A)

Neal Drell, appointed Secretary ( X ); Dave Stark, Candidate (X); Mike Stroben, Candidate (X)

Meeting called to order @ ______5:30PM_________

33 members attended the meeting including the board of directors and advisors

Finance Update
November Financial Report & Year-End Projection

2023 Budget was reviewed for discussion - Club finances are good and the club is saving money in a reserve account as part of making future plans to upgrade or acquire new equipment.

Three candidates for the board were voted in by the membership. Russ Hardy, Dave Stark and Mike Stroben will serve two-year terms.

The club By-laws and Charter were approved by a 2/3 vote of members present or voting by proxy. The document will be posted on the website and accurately reflects how the club is organized,

2023 Membership dues renewal reminder, $75 until COB 12/31/22
Members can renew their membership anytime from now to close of business 12/31/2022 for $75. All membership renewals after that date will be $100, the cost of a new regular membership.

Members Comments & Questions
Status of scroll saw classes. New classes will be scheduled and the Hawk scroll saw should be repaired soon. The Hawk saw is a high-end tool and users should review available YouTube videos or receive instruction before attempting to use the tool.

The Creative Arts building is closed Christmas day and the shop will also be closed. The shop schedule is posted on the webpage and will be open on scheduled days as long as the building is open.

An epoxy demonstration will be scheduled. Two members have the materials to make a river table top and that process will be demonstrated. Watch Groupworks for notice of the demonstration.

The woodworking store Woodcraft offers lathe classes and taking a class is highly recommended so members can pass the club's lathe evaluation. If the classes at Woodcraft are full, members should signup on the waiting list and another class may be scheduled for them by the instructor.

A shop orientation is offered for any member. Contact Scott Saxon to arrange the orientation. Contact information is on the bulletin board. The orientation introduces shop procedures and tools not discussed in the basic machine operation and safety class.

All classes are advertised on Groupworks, there are no paper signup sheets in the shop. If classes have wait lists additional classes will be scheduled so everyone who wants the class will have an opportunity to take it.

Woodworkers Source Gift Cards Drawing
Woodworkers Source gift cards were raffled out and six members received cards.

Monitor Drawing
A drawing for monitors was held and the winner received a free membership for 2023. This is just one benefit of volunteering to be a monitor.