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11 Dec 2022 13:51
SBRWWC Board Meeting Minutes for November 30, 2022 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherVoting Members: Mark Prose, President ( X ); Jeff Hansen, Vice President ( X); Russ Hardy, Treasurer (X ); Charlie Anderson, Monitor Coordinator (X )

Advisory Members: Dan Carter, Maintenance Coordinator ( X ); Ed Cheszek, Events Coordinator (X); John Gordon, Shop Manager ( X ); Tom Marshall , CNC Coordinator ( X ); Scott Saxon, Lathe Coordinator ( X); Ed Valdez, IT Coordinator (A ) Ron Gustafson, Training Coordinator (A)

Neal Drell, appointed Secretary ( X ); Dave Stark, Candidate (X); Mike Stroben, Candidate (X

Meeting called to order @ ___4 PM____________


Finance Update
2022 November Financial Report, membership status
2022 Finances are in good shape. The Board approved moving $5000 into savings account with total savings now $9000. Savings are for building a reserve to replace or upgrade tools and equipment as our future plans are created. The local branch of our bank is closed and the board is looking at moving to a new bank with nearby branches

Many volunteer hours keep the shop operating; from monitors to instructors and equipment maintainers. Thanks to all members who contribute.

Many new classes are planned and all will be advertised through Groupworks. Some issues with Groupworks handling of wait list have been identified and Ed Cheszek is looking at how to address these problems.

The Board has appointed Neal Drell as secretary to fill the remaining 13 months of thatboard position, in accordance the bylaws.
New Business

The board discussed the wish list created to identify needed tools and supplies. The board approved the purchase of a good quality flashlight for the shop and collets for setting drill bit depth. Hand planes were also discussed but more input is needed to determine how they will be used.

The Hawk scroll saw needs repair. Parts are on order and it should be working again soon.

The shop operating procedures are under revision so they accurately reflect how the shop operates. The by-laws were revised and will be approved by the membership this year. The operating procedures only need board approval and the document should be finished early next year.

Discussion of transitioning to 6" sanders as our 5" orbital sanders die. The board approved the purchase of another square vibration sander that will be easier to install sandpaper.

The board approved a new policy that will allow anyone who taken the $20 machine operation and safety class to join the shop in December for $100 and receive full membership benefits for the month of December and the next year.