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05 Jan 2023 10:49
Board Meeting Minutes from December 29, 2022 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe SBRWWC board of directors met on December 29, 2022. Board members Mark Prose, President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer; Jeff Hansen, Vice President and Charlie Anderson, Monitor Coordinator were present. Neal Drell, Secretary was absent and minutes were taken by Scott Saxon. Advisors to the board Dan Carter, Maintenance Coordinator; John Gordon, shop Manager; Tom Marshall, CNC Coordinator; Ed Valdez, IT Coordinator and Scott Saxon, Lathe Coordinator were present. Advisor Ed Cheszek, Training Coordinator was absent. Newly elected board members Dave Stark and Mike Stroben were present. The meeting was called to order at 4pm and the following matters were discussed:

New board members were elected at our last member meeting and positions were chosen. Russ Hardy will be President, Dave Stark will be Vice President and Mike Stroben will be Treasurer. Neal Drell was appointed Secretary to fill a vacant position and Charlie Anderson will remain the Monitor Coordinator. Outgoing President Mark Prose and Vice President Jeff Hansen should be thanked for their work on the board that kept the club functioning and growing.

Treasurer Russ Hardy updated everyone on the club's finances. The club's current bank balance was $13,704 including the reserve account. Our monthly expenses to operate the shop in 2022 were about $650 but this year included a large purchase of table saw blades that will last for many years. The shop will budget $7000 for operating expenses in 2023, or $580 per month. We had 90 membership renewals before the end of the year and eight new members joined in December. None of the renewals were credited to our 2022 balance and will be deposited in January 2023 for accounting purposes. A review of the CNC account that tracked expenses and income from the CNC machine showed we have paid off our share of the machine and have a profit of $2,500 from the sale of CNC items and training after accounting for all expenses.

Mark Prose determined the club earned 30 gift cards from Woodworker's Source in 2022. Additionally, $100 in store credit was used directly purchase shop wood instead of acquiring four more gift cards. The club president obtains and distributes the gift cards. Gift cards are earned by the club as members buy wood and tools from Woodworker's Source. The club uses those gift cards to purchase shop wood for the equipment orientation and CNC classes. Gift cards are also given to monitors who complete the required shifts in one year and as raffle gifts at member meetings.

Monitor Coordinator Charlie Anderson trained one new monitor in the last month: Dave Puelston. Every member should consider volunteering to be a shop monitor as the shop cannot operate without them. He also discussed a new calendar for instructors to schedule training so we can plan future classes and minimize disruption to shop operation and monitor time. The board received a request to simplify how monitors handle money. Generally, the monitors have gotten better at handling sales and receipts though some are still having issues and additional guidance will be provided to all monitors. Please take care to follow the instructions and guidance in the monitor handbook or ask for assistance when selling items. The board considered switching to custom receipt books and simplifying the procedures but any changes require additional training and a lengthy learning curve. The board appointed a small team last August to begin exploring options for improving our website to better accommodate online registration for classes and to reduce the number of software tools our volunteers currently maintain to operate the club. This future change will probably cause retraining so the board decided to table the discussion of any changes until the website team comes back with a recommendation for the board. We have two full new member equipment orientation classes scheduled for January 2023.

The air compressor is operational but the repair changed the valves and we have a moisture problem. The HOA/Robson is aware and is considering the installation of a moisture separator. The operating procedures for the shop are still under revision and should be completed early next year. Please read the new procedures when they are posted. The board voted to allow the maintenance team to spend up to $500 to purchase the necessary tools for shop maintenance. We have been using a combination of donated and personal tools to perform machine maintenance and we should have the proper tools for this purpose in a consolidated portable toolbox. The club has received various donated tools that need to be sold since they cannot be used in the shop. Dave Stark will photograph the tools and post them on Nextdoor for sale to move them out of the shop. Any tools not sold from that posting will be donated. The board discussed rules and procedures for the CNC machine and will incorporate the final policy into the shop's operating procedures.