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11 Feb 2023 12:22
Board Meeting Minutes for 2/2/23 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe SBRWWC board of directors met on February 2, 2023 at 4 pm. Board members Russ Hardy, President; Mike Stroben, Treasurer; and Charlie Anderson, Monitor Coordinator were present. Neal Drell, Secretary and David Stark, Vice President were absent and minutes were taken by Scott Saxon. Advisors to the board Dan Carter, Maintenance Coordinator; John Gordon, Shop Manager; Ed Cheszek, Training Coordinator and Scott Saxon, Lathe Coordinator were present. Advisors Tom Marshall, CNC Coordinator and Ed Valdez, IT Coordinator were absent. The following matters were discussed:

Treasurer Mike Stroben reported the club's bank balance was $24,200 after depositing all membership renewals. The club has 125 paid annual members.

Monitor Coordinator Charlie Anderson has documented new procedures for monitors to enroll new members. These procedures will be included in a separate binder at the monitor desk and were created to make sure everyone has completed an application, a waiver and paid $20 for the initial training before the monitor adds them to the training schedule. We have had too many instances of people showing up for training without the necessary documentation or paying the fee. Charlie Anderson also removed two monitors from the rolls because they did not meet the minimum requirements for monitoring or training.

Training Coordinator Ed Cheszek will continue to post classes in Groupworks and is using a training schedule available on our webpage under "documents" that schedules future training and manages shop time. Members can review that schedule to see planned training that is yet to be posted on Groupworks. The initial training to use the shop, the Machine Orientation class, will be reorganized to stagger the start times for each student beginning in March 2023. Now each student will be signed up for a specific time on the day or days training is offered based on instructor availability. This schedule will avoid downtime at specific tools when all students begin together and offer one-on-one training to each student. Additional classes are under consideration including advanced joinery. Ed Cheszek is actively recruiting more trainers. Experienced woodworker are encouraged to contact Ed.

President Russ Hardy outlined the various tasks required when the new board took office at the beginning of the year to include bank signature cards and HOA documents.

Shop Manager John Gordon is exploring the purchase of an ultrasonic cleaner for our router bits. Many of our bits are dirty and that affects their performance. He plans to post a sign requesting users to clean each bit in mineral spirits when they are done with the bit. He also plans to replace some bits that are dull, so expect to see some new router bits in the future. John also noted some users are over tightening the collet when they install a bit and wanted to remind all users to be careful installing bits.

Maintenance Coordinator Dan Carter has been reviewing the maintenance forms in the red binder and working to address each concern. All maintenance issues should be documented on a maintenance form and placed in the binder so the maintenance team can be aware of problems. Some issues like worn sandpaper are obvious and do not need to be written up on a form.

Lathe Coordinator Scott Saxon had no issues to report. A Nova chuck for the large lathe is missing and all efforts to locate it were negative. Please let Scott know if you have any information about the chuck. It was not used much and will only be replaced if lathe users make a request.

New business was discussed:

The Spring Art Walk will be held Saturday, April 22, 2023 from 10 am to 4 pm. The SBRWWC will pay the $60 fee and open the shop for all members to display and sell their work. The shop will be closed for normal operation that day. If you plan to sell your work in the shop please volunteer some time to staff the shop for the event. More information will be posted about this event as the date approaches. Russ will manage this event.

An email survey will be sent to former members from last year who chose not to renew in order to determine if the SBRWWC could to anything more to encourage renewals. Charlie Anderson will prepare and send the survey.

A backup power supply is needed for our computers so power outages, especially when the emergency power off switch is accidently activated, do not damage the computers and users don't lose work. Surprisingly, the emergency off switch is activated a few times a year by accident.

The HOA will hold a club expo on Friday, March 3 from 1 pm to 3 pm to afford clubs the opportunity to advertise themselves and recruit new members. We will participate in the expo and will need one enthusiastic members to staff the table. Let anyone on the Board know if you are interested.

The board voted on and approved the following motions:

1. Adopted the new member training procedure involving the staggering of training times.

2. Adopted the purchase of two Leigh jigs for box and dovetail joint cutting costing less than $300. The jigs will allow a joinery 201 class to be offered so members can learn to make more advanced joinery.

3. Adopted the purchase of a backup power supply costing less that $300 to prevent data loss or damage to our computer systems.

The Board has the following action items that were addressed at the meeting:

23-01 Compressor moisture separator. The HOA is responsible for repairing our compressor has has installed a new valve and will obtain a moisture separator tank to address problems with the compressor.

23-02 Work is continuing by the Board and advisors to update the shop's operating procedures and will continue to meet and update the document.

23-03 A new rolling tool cart and some tools will be purchased for maintaining the shop's equipment. The cart will be locked and only used by the maintenance team. Research is underway to find the best cart and tools.

23-05 A team is reviewing options for improving online functions for the club. More details will follow in the coming months.