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28 Jun 2023 10:57
Board Meeting Minutes June 1, 2023 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe SBRWWC Leadership Team met on June 1, 2023 at 4 pm. Board members Russ Hardy, President; and Charlie Anderson, Monitor Coordinator Neal Drell, Secretary were present. David Stark, Vice President Mike Stroben, Treasurer were absent. Advisors to the board Dan Carter, Maintenance Coordinator; Ed Cheszek, Training Coordinator and Ladd Lindsay, IT Coordinator, were present. Advisor John Gordon, Shop Manager CNC Coordinator; Scott Saxon, Lathe Coordinator were absent. The following matters were discussed:

Treasurer Mike Stroben
Via Russ Hardy – we have $8,400 in our checking and $15,700 in savings. The P&L Report shows our revenue to date is $3,200 ahead of schedule. We have 147 full time members.

Monitor Coordinator Charlie Anderson
Dan Carter received a $25 gift card for his volunteer efforts. Dave S, John V, and Scott S have also met the volunteer requirement to receive gift cards too but were not present. Thank You guys. We’re still having some issues with closing Monitor Time shifts. The shop will continue to be open on Monday nights.

Training Coordinator Ed Cheszek

President Russ Hardy
Pima County – Blocks for Kids materials are being gathered. Discussed replacing some of the laminate works tops. Decided on one to start. HOA Maintenance has replaced needed cabinet knobs, spray hoses and the broken circuit board on one of the ceiling air cleaners. Initiated a discussion of whether or not we should make the training coordinator position a board member. That idea didn’t gain any traction and was tabled. We discussed items for the HOA budget request. A Planer Sled is out, but 3 new 220 volt/ 20 amp electrical circuits are in, along with the higher priority Festool items that Jim Lindley had previously recommended. We still need to price all of that out and decide how much cost sharing we would like to contribute.

Maintenance Coordinator Dan Carter
Dan is looking into options for a new Grizzly Drum Sander and options on a new Jointer. These can’t be upgraded without additional power circuits.
Jointer cutters have been replaced and the planer cutters is on the list to be replaced soon.

Technology Coordinator Ladd Lindsay
Implementation of the new software is in progress and going well.

New business was discussed:
The Festool topic was included above.