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26 Jul 2023 07:17
Ledership Meeting Notes 6/7/2023 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe SBRWWC Leadership met on July 6, 2023, at 3:00 pm.
Board members Russ Hardy, President; Mike Stroben, Treasurer; and Charlie Anderson, Monitor Coordinator, Neal Drell, Secretary and David Stark, Vice President were present. Advisors to the board Dan Carter, Maintenance Coordinator; John Gordon, Shop Manager; Ed Cheszek, Training Coordinator and Scott Saxon, Lathe Coordinator were present. Ladd Lindsey, IT Coordinator was absent.

The following topics were discussed:

Treasurer Mike Stroben – the checking account has $7,000 the savings account has $15,700 and we have 149 annual members.

Membership Pricing Structure & Rates
It was decided by unanimous vote that the membership fee for 2024 will be $75 for both new members, and renewing members. All memberships going forward from today will be for a 12 month rolling period. The partial year membership fee usually available starting August 1st each year has been discontinued. New annual members joining after 01/01/2023 will have their expiration dates extended to the 12 months from joining date.

As an incentive to help get more volunteers to be more active, it was decided to suggest a $100 gift card be given for any member who volunteers at least 50 hours to the club next year. That volunteer time can include monitoring, teaching classes, teaching machine orientation, and time spent on shop projects and maintaining the tools and equipment. This recommendation will be presented at the member meeting for a vote.

HOA Budget Request –
The board agreed to make the following request to the HOA as part of the 2024 fiscal budget:
1. Add 3 new 220 volt 20-30 AMP electrical circuits and drops.
2. Expand our current inventory of Festool equipment to make our current tools more usable by setting up a Festool station near the back of the woodshop.
3. The club will offer to pay half the costs.

Vice President Dave Stark – is putting together a maintenance program for all large machines. He is looking for volunteers to help put this program together.