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05 Jun 2014 14:13
About "Signing up at the website", and a little more 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Steve Hann recently sent you an email to encourage you to "sign up at the website" to make sure you are getting class of '62 communications. But I want to clarify that there are really TWO types of sign-ups, explain what they are, and encourage you to do all of them. Don't fret, it's easy. Many have already done these.

1) Registering an Account with the Website

What this means is to create an account on the website so that you can access the password-protect Class Page. The Class Page contains a class directory of member profiles and a "Chat Room" feed. Each registered member has a profile that includes a yearbook picture and in many cases a current photo, plus some contact and personal information the person cares to share, and some detailed information within "bio", "memories and reflections", and "self-promotion" sections.

If you have not already created your account, here's how: Go to, then click the "Members" menu item in the left column. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully. In some cases, you may already have a partial entry in the directory placed there by a volunteer in the process of attempting to get entries for all classmates. The instructions will guide you through the process. Upon completion of the process, you will have a userID and a password.

We urge you to create your account to take advantage of the Class Page. All other pages of the website are viewable by the general public.

2) Registering for Email Alerts for New Content Postings

First, a little background: Information is placed on the website in two ways. Information that is relatively unchanging over time is simply hard coded onto the pages by me. But the dynamic information, e.g., news, is inserted onto the website by volunteer admins when they post items onto standalone "news feeds". For example, the information on the "News and Info" page is entirely embedded there by virtue of being published on that news feed. Ditto for the "Class Events" page, "50th Reunion" page (except for the photos), "Staffs Corner" page, and "About This Website" page.

There are several benefits to using news feeds to embed information on the website, most notable being to give you the ability to register for automatic email-delivered alerts to be notified about a new posting. Without this feature, you would have to check back to the website from time to time and explore the site searching for new information. Check too infrequently and you could miss something that's important to you. Check every day and you are probably wasting time. It's kind of a no-win situation. But not to worry, register for email alerts and you will be delivered the information by email that appears in your in-basket the morning after it is posted.

But you must register for those alerts. Refer to the right column on the home page for information about how to do that. Because there are five feeds, you go through the process five times. The process is easy and fast. Click one of those links shown in that section and follow the on-screen instructions. You will enter your email address and a spam-preventing code shown to you, then when you click "Complete Subscription Request", Google will send you an email with a link that you must click to complete the registration. Don't forget to do that! The first registration might take you a couple of minutes, but after that, I'll bet you do the remaining in under 60 seconds each.

We urge you to register for all the feeds so that you don't miss out on what's happening with the class of '62. You can't count on manual email blasts to stay informed.

If you have any problems doing any of the above, email me at First give it a try, read instructions carefully ... then email me if you need to. I've invested many long hours developing the website, so I'm motivated to see to it that you get the most from it.

So please create your account and register for feeds! Think of it as a simple homework assignment.


While I have your attention, and after you complete the above, here is "a little more" I promised, to improve your presence on the website, to bring more value to the website, and to provide the means to post messages to everyone on the Chat Room feed. Ahh, extra credit. :-)

Complete/update your profile. When you log into the Class Page and edit your profile (by clicking the "edit" link next to your name in the directory), you will be able to update your profile. Add whatever information you wish to share. You can mark some items as private.

Your current photo. While editing your profile, you will also find the means to upload a current picture of yourself. Get this: You can upload a photo from your smartphone camera roll or photo stream, or even take a picture with your smartphone as part of the upload. I know others really appreciate these current pictures, so why not give it a try. Instructions are provided there.

Post on the Chat Room feed. Want to post a message for all to see? When you first enter the Class Page, you will see the Chat Room feed in the right column. Immediately above it is a form for entering your message with instructions above that. Notice that this is the place to register for email alerts for this feed. OK, I confess, this is the sixth feed, and earlier I said there are five. So why is it hidden here? Because it's located on a page requiring members to log in to see. Think of it as our own private 'skinny' facebook. Hmmm, classbook? Give it a whirl.

Post FeedBack on feed items. You may have noticed the 'FeedBack' link preceding every item in every feed. When you click it, a "NewsPage" is opened showing the full item together with a "Post Your Feedback Here". Click it to open a page for posting your feedback. Instructions are provided. Notice a number in parentheses with that 'FeedBack' link; that indicates how many items have been posted already. You can view those other postings when you click the 'FeedBack link. What the heck, give it a try. Your computer won't smoke.

In Memoriam Video. the left column. It represents status as of the reunion date, to the best of our knowledge. Because of the extraordinary amount of time it took to prepare content, design and edit the video, and synchronize it to music, it is unlikely that it will ever be updated.

Explore the website. Enjoy!

Ken Gorman

30 Sep 2012 22:53
NEW! Enhanced filtering and sorting of Directory 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) The Directory filtering and sorting functions have been restructured to provide more control over selection of profiles. Now you can specify that sorted results be restricted to include profiles that include (1) Bio, (2) Fond Memories, (3) Unabashed Promotions profile sections and (4) a current photo. If multiple items are "checked", then only items that have all checked items will be allowed in the results display.

Additionally, the listing now has a new column with color-coded dots to indicate which of the four items above are included in the associated profile. Now you can more easily find and view those profiles that, for example, have a bio and a current photo.

The color codes in the Directory listing correspond, of course, to the color codes in the Filter and Sort Directory box.

06 Sep 2012 15:46
NEW! Improved method for marking your reunion attendance decision. No more excuses! 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) No need to select an event from a drop-down list. No need to click a Submit button. Just click the event name, and all the "Yes" people will be listed first, and in the order determined by your order selection. Very cool.

The easiest way to find your listing, in order to mark your event attendance decision or edit your profile, is to enter the first few letters of your (1962) last name and click the "Submit Letters" button.

No more excuses. Right now, log in and tell others your reunion attendance plans. Instructions are provided on the page, but they're no use if you don't read them. Oh what the heck, just click things and you'll see how it all works.

02 Sep 2012 11:11
NEW! Classmate Browser 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) The new Classmate Browser provides a simple way to browse through classmates current picture plus bio, unabashed self-promotion, and memories. They are presented in the order of most recently updated profiles first.

You'll find the link to open this browser on the Class Page above the directory listing. There's a catch: Only classmates that have uploaded a current photo and at least a biography are included in the browser. Now's the time to update your profile!

(Classmate Browser is not to be confused with your IE or Safari or Opera or Firefox or Chrome or other internet browsers.)

02 Sep 2012 10:59
NEW! Photo Gallery 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Find the Photo Gallery link in the menu column on the left. Take good quality pictures of group events and email them to me, and I'll make a Gallery page for them. But I have final discretion as to which will get posted, which will not.

01 Aug 2012 19:11
Limitations in uploading pictures 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) It is not possible to upload pictures from an iPhone or iPad. The reasons, in the simplest of terms, is that they do not implement a file system that provides for the ability to select a photo that is present on those devices. If your only access to the Internet is by one of those two devices, then email me stating such and attaching your photo file. I will upload it for you. Be sure to include your name in the email so I know who to associate the photo with!

Don't have my email address? Go to the Contact Us page and send me an email using the 'Website Questions and But Reporting' button. I will reply to you so that you have my email address.

19 Jul 2012 14:07
Members' Chat Room (previously Shared Blog) now open 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Don't you think "Chat Room" is a better name than "Shared Blog"? It's open for business, so drive your classmates crazy with your off-of-wall remarks. Think of the Chat Room as a noisy study hall, and you're getting away with it. By the way, notice that not only can you chat away, but you can also provide feedback to (or receive feedback from!) others. So go to the Class Page and start chatting and feedbacking.

05 Jul 2012 16:44
Website officially launched on July 4th, some early feedback 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Please log in to the Class Page per instructions you received by email. While you are there to set up your chosen password, look over your profile and make corrections and additions as you see fit.

One change that occurred after many of you edited your profile is that the time of day, not just the date, of the editing change is being recorded for the purpose of ordering the Directory when the "Last Update" sort is used. So, up until about 4PM PDT today, all those who edited their profile are listed in alphabetical order by last name. After that time, entries will be listed by date and time right down to the second. And if some of you hit the "submit" button at the same second, you'll be sorted in alphabetical order.

A few of of you had trouble logging in because you had upper case letters in your userID. Please enter letters as lower case. Also, a few of you had trouble distinguishing between the number 0 and the upper case letter O in the temporary password, ditto the number 1 and lower case letter l. So as of this afternoon, temporary passwords will no longer contain those pesky characters.

There was also a case where the person's email address in the website Directory was different than what they were currently using, and another case where the email address in the Directory had two letters transposed. Computers are unforgiving, so if you have trouble getting logged in after a few attempts to make sure you aren't the culprit, contact me by going to the Contact Us page, entering your message, and clicking the "Website Questions and Bug Reporting" button.

Why not try out the blog on the Class Page?

Thanks to those who sent me kind words about the website design.

25 Jun 2012 06:45
Website now in Beta test 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) With the importing of the full data set of members of the Class of 62 into the Class Page Directory, the implementation of the all-member shared blog also on the Class Page, the improved registration process, and other improvements, the site is now in Beta Test. Members of the management team are asked to exercise the website and report back any issues.

The photos from the yearbook for a few members are installed, proving the implementation. As soon as a substantial quantity of new photos are scanned from the yearbook pages and made available, they will be uploaded.

We also need more content for several pages. Volunteer writers and photographers are needed. When the site is released, we will ask all members for content contributions.

The website will be officially released once Beta testing shows it is ready regardless of incomplete content. At that time, whatever yearbook photos that are available will be uploaded with the remainder uploaded as they become available.

14 Jun 2012 13:34
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) The website is under construction and not ready for prime time yet ... but almost. Peruse the website as you wish, and if you find problems, please report them at the "Contact Us" page, submit your message by using the "Website Questions and Bug Reporting" button.

12 Jun 2012 10:03
Where all-things website design are posted 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Check back here -- or better yet, register for email notifications from Google FeedBurner -- to be notified about website design features and issues.
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