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If you have a following or audience—or want to have one—relating to your business, organization, or simply your personal endeavors, a news feed is just the ticket. You post your messages whenever you want, and your audience reads them at their convenience. They can choose to be notified when you post a new message without you doing a thing.

So why risk that they remember to visit your site from time to time and hunt down new content? Deliver that new content to them in real-time.

Your Enfeedia account and two news feeds are absolutely free with no expiration.
Just fill in the blanks on our forms and click submit. No technical skills required. No file uploading, no coding.
Within 5 minutes from now, you can have your first RSS feed and NewsPage online.

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After you open your free account, you must activate your account by...

  1. Creating a news feed (a newly created feed does NOT contain any news items)
  2. A news feed is like an envelope that contains your individual news items. When you set up your feed, you give it a name and describe the overall theme of the feed.

  3. Adding a news item to your newly created feed
  4. Items are specific "articles" that you wish to publish on your feed, with the articles relevant to the feed theme.

We do NOT build and publish your feed file until you post AT LEAST ONE ITEM on a feed. So to get value from your account, you must first post a news item onto your feed.


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